Rat Temple or Mata Karni Temple Deshnok Rajasthan India

It is always refreshing to visit a place where you used to visit a lot. Bikaner is one of such places in my list.

Today we will start with a simple question:

How do you  feel when you visit some place with thousands of birds chirping? Absolutely it will be a great feel. what if you get surrounded by Rats? most of us might freak-out with fear, but there is total different story at Rat Temple or Mata Karni Temple Deshnok Rajasthan India.


Karni mata Rat temple is situated on State highway 62 at Deshnok hamlet,30KM from Bikaner city District  headquarter of State Rajasthan.


Temple attracts visitors from all over India and curious tourist from around the world.

More than 20000 rats roaming here and there and no sign of any disease.It is nothing less than a magic.

Legends about Rat Temple or Mata Karni Temple Deshnok Rajasthan India

there are two legends

Legend 1:The rats inside the temple are descendant of laxman(stepson) of karni mata, who died while drinking water in a nearby town Kolayat and later reincarnated as Rat.

Legend 2:the rats in the temple are army soldiers punished by Karni Mata because they ran from the war. after  begging for life karni mata forgave them and turned them into rats to live inside temple forever.


Sight of white mice(Kabba) is considered special. People try their best to take a glimpse of white mice because they consider it a sign of good luck.Feeding the temple rats with milk and boondi laddu is considered auspicious.


 if any rat gets killed accidentally it must be replaced with a silver rat at temple.

Rat temple houses two immense pot called Savan and Bhadwa for cooking on big occasions.

Temple architecture is a mix of Mughal and Rajput architecture patronised by Maharaja Ganga Singh ji, King of Bikaner city.


There is marble facade and silver doors depicting the various stories of goddess karni.

local musicians perform BHAJAN(Religious songs)inside temple.

Temple opens early in the morning  at 4 am. there are two type of offerings done at mata Karni Temple

  1. Dwar bhent for priests
  2. Kalash bhent for temple

Karni mata fair is a big celebration happening for a long time in this region.During navratras thousands of  people visit temple to take blessings of karni mata.

Fair happens twice a year at Rat Temple or Mata Karni Temple Deshnok Rajasthan India

  1. March-April
  2. September-October

Other Things

So there is no need to get afraid from Rats inside temple. One can enter inside temple only barefoot.Nominal amount can be charged for taking camera inside temple. There are small stalls just outside the temple where we could see beautiful decoration and lots of souvenir shops and sweet shops.

Overall going to Karni Temple Brings Positive energies. This is a must visit place if you are travelling in Bikaner District.

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