Bhangarh Fort-The Most Haunted place

When  it comes to ghost stories everyone has a story to tell. I never used to believe ghost and powers inside them. One day my friend invited me to Alwar for his sisters marriage. One of my uncle was travelling to Alwar. so I took lift with uncle and reached alwar. Ring ceremony was almost over when I reached that place. I had dinner around 11pm and slept. in the morning after tea the idea to visit Bhangarh was clicking again and again in my mind. Then i along with my 2 friends rented a car and started our Trip to Bhangarh. we reached there in around 2 hours and were excited to explore it. A town comes just before Bhangarh fort. locals at that place were looking calm and primarily it scared us more. Later we tried to make our self understand that we are here for max one hour and then we will leave back.

Bhangarh was built by Man Singh I,who was in the court of AKBAR as Navratna, for his younger brother Madho Singh. Madho Singh renamed it in the name of Mansingh Garh or Bhansingh Garh. Later everyone started calling it Bhangarh. Today there is around 2000 people with 260 household live in nearby town called bhangarh town. from village golakabas there is unpaved road till bhangarh.


There are two legends about Bhangarh Fort-

legend 1-one saint told the villagers no one should build house taller than his house. if shadow of any house falls over his house. it will result in the destruction of fort Bhangarh and town. With the same reason Bhangarh turned into a ruin.

legend 2– there lived a wizard who started liking Ratnawati(princess of bhangarh). he started doing black magic to control the princess. later when the villagers told this to the king. king ordered killing of that wizard and while dying wizard cursed bhangarh’s destruction . later Mughal invaded the fort and thousands were killed inside the fort including the queen Ratnawati. people say the wizard and princess Ratnawati still haunt the fort ruins.

Bhangarh has attracted many paranormal researchers and Bollywood is also not behind. A Bollywood movie like Trip to Bhangarh-The most Haunted place tried to capture the place perfectly.

Entering inside the fort is not allowed after the evening.archelogical survey of india has also kept a board to warn the visitors.Even Bollywood Actor Manish Chaudhary along with the cast faced a spooky event while shooting for the movie Trip to Bhangarh. Actual footage of the video is here

Fort looked magnificent from outside and was surprisingly surrounded with green trees. after entering the fort gate first we came across a town market. and then ruins of Bhangarh.


It sounds a horror story set. there were many other visitors also there. the place went uneasy after one hour and after clicking few photos we decided to move back.

while coming back from the Bhangarh in the boundary of the village our car broke down suddenly. Driver told us it was a new car. driver called his agency and they sent a new car. after one hour we came to know that the rescue car also stopped in the way. It was a winter time and where our car stopped there fog started building. All of a sudden a man weirdly dressed came from nowhere and started talking we couldn’t understand a single word. he was just murmuring himself. Later we started laughing because this incident sounded like a horror film where a weird person comes and scares everyone. then driver of the car stopped us from laughing and told us not to laugh on such people. it scared us more. After 3 hour standing in the winter a car came and we hopped inside that car. When we were in mid way to alwar. Our broken car passed us and when asked about how car started. Driver just said he just tried and it started. We three were looking at each other. At last we reached at marriage site and it was almost evening. we reached and attended function. we also told about this incident to the people. My trip to bhangarh was complete.

this trip scared me a lot. whatever happened can be coincidence also but somehow I couldn’t digest it.


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