Rani Sati Dadi Temple Jhunjhunu Rajasthan

The Rani Sati Temple in Jhunjhunu(District headquarter) is being  administered by Marwari Temple Board from Calcutta. It is one of the wealthiest Temple trusts in India having earnings almost equal to Tirupati Temple.

Story of Rani Sati  initiates from a wish which was granted to her. She was granted a wish to get married to Abhimanyu and become her Sati in the coming life by lord Krishna.

She took birth in house of Gursamal in the village of Dokwa in Rajasthan. She was named – Narayani. Similarly Abhimanyu took birth in city hisar as son of Jaliram and named – Tandhan. Tandhan and Narayani got married and were living a peaceful life. Tandhan had a horse which was liked by Kings son. Tandhan many time  refused to give the horse to kings son.

The king’s son then decided to forcefully acquire the horse and thus challenged Tandhan for a combat. However Tandhan fought the battle bravely and killed the King’s son instead. The enraged king killed Tandhan in front of Narayani in the battle. Narayani showing female anger killed the king and asked Narayan ji to make  immediate  arrangements ablaze her along with her husband’s cremation.

Rana ji on fulfilling her wish was told that his name will be taken along with narayani.Since then Narayani ji is called Rani Sati.

Many social organisations have done efforts to stop the Sati puja since they think that still worshiping sati is like living in the past. Temple notice says that temple doesn’t promotes the sati pratha.

Still magic of Rani sati temple is increasing day by day. People believe that they get cure from disease like cancer. Temple gallery houses  twelve goddesses and taking their blessing is also considered good. There are large celebrations on Bhadrapad Amawasra and during the Navratra Time. There are glass mosaics depicting the history of the temple.  there are also temple of Hanuman, sita, ganesha and  lord shiva.

Overall visiting to the place brings peace to the life of person.

ARTICLE Submitted BY- Sumit Jangir

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