Tanot Mata Jaisalmer-More than 3000 Bombs were ineffective over temple

There are many stories about the local godess in Rajasthan. Many of them are worshiped by large devotees. There are large number of stories about them which make them more famous. Tanot mata temple is one of them.Tanot mata temple is located in jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. It is around 130 KM from the nearest city Jaisalmer. Longewala the war site is also very near to this temple. Temple is located in a isolated town.


Story about Tanot mata(Goddess) goes like this-

She was eldest daughter out of seven daughters of Mamadiya ji (poet) and was born in vikrami sanwat 808(751 AD) with the blessings of hinglaaj Mata. She is also called Awad Mata or Aayad Mata. Later Bhati king Tanuji kept foundation of Tanotgarh Fort and Tanot temple.

In 1965 during India pakistan war more than 3000 bombs were thrown on and nearby temple by Pakistani forces. Out of them 450 dropped inside temple but didn’t explode and with the blessings of Tanot Mata Temple was still intact.

1971 war Indian border security forces destroyed hundreds of Tanks of enemy forces and enemy forces ran for life. After this victory a victory pillar was erected and every year on 16 Dec army celebrations takes place there.

Such stories tell about the sophistication of Indian spiritual indulgence which leaves a mark on whole world. The stories of blessings of Tanot mata are never ending.






There is a check post of border security forces in the temple premise and management of temple is also under the trust run by Border security forces.

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