Pandit Ganesh Narayan Temple- Chirawa Jhunjhunu Rajasthan

Pandit Ganesh Narayan Temple is located in a small town of chirawa in district jhunjhunu. The story of pandit ji goes like this-

Pandit ji took birth in small village bugala near Nawalgarh, in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, India. He was well-versed in Hindi and Sanskrit. He was also a gifted astrologer. he used to like poetry a lot and later got married to sheonandi. ganesh ji got blessed with two daughters called kunani and bhani. he was complete devotee of lord shiva and durga.

on request from  chokhani family ganesh ji started a nine day worship and fast in a closed room. he asked not to open the door till he finishes worshiping.

eight days passed and he didn’t open the door. other saints being jealous of him  opened the door and it was the exact time when goddess durga appeared in front of him and was blessing him. ganesh ji’s resolve was broken. then onwards ganesh ji decided to walk over the devotional journey and his family also supported him and freed him from all responsibilities.

He was able to see in the past and future so he started living in the state of trance. people started calling him Bawaliya baba. he was bestowed with the title of paramhans at gudha gorji. due to wearing blue cloth around he was also called neel wastra dhaari(the one who wears blue clothes). he had powers to transform himself into bull and lion. Today also pandit ji is a household deity in chirawa,Bugala and gudha. Millions of followers worship him across india. Every thursday long kirtans get organised in the memory of his birthday. on his punyatithi(day of attaining Samadhi) an annual fair is also held at chirawa. where devotees from all over, come to offer prayers and seek His blessings. Bade and Shel (local sweets) is favourite of pandit ganesh narayan and popularly offered to them. Popularity of Pandit is increasing day by day as his followers are witnessing his blessing.

Video Visit to Temple

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