Mandawa City of Havelis

Mandawa is around 200 kilometers from jaipur still it manages a place in the itenerary of art lovers because of the exposure of art it offers.

Mandawa is also called City of Havelis. Every haveli here is painted with beautiful paintings. This place was founded by Mandu a Jat community leader. Since then it is called Mandu ki Dhani and now days Name Mandawa is popular among people. Soon this place became the main trading station in the nearby villages. to protect the trade local chieftain Naval Singh constructed a fort in Mandawa. Very quickly the traders and other communities settled in the surrounding of the fort. Many traders constructed Havelis painted so beautifully that people from all over the world come to take a glimpse of them.

Few of popular haveli are-

  • Hanuman Prasad goenka haveli-haveli is showing lord Indra on Elephant and lord shiva on Bull.
  • Ram pratap Nemani Haveli– This haveli is now transformed in to a heritage hotel. Untouched frescos dating back to 18th century can be experienced here.



  • Sewaram saraf haveli– This haveli is more than 100 year old still holds the charm to attract many Bollywood directors to shoot inside it.
  • Goenka Double Haveli– For enter and exit this haveli consists of 2 doors. There is beautiful balcony on the exterior wall of this haveli. haveli is beautifully decorated with rajasthani and European paintings
  • Murmuriya Haveli– This haveli is unique among all Havelis. on wall paintings of Car , Train and Venice city is painted. these paintings were painted by artist Baluram in 1930.
  • Jhunjhunwala Haveli– Mostly famous for the painting of golden leaves.
  • Mohanlal saraf Haveli– This haveli is famous for Painting of a King stroking his Royal moustaches.

Tourism is one of the major driving force affecting economy of Mandava. Several Bollywood movies were shot in these magnificent Havelis of Mandawa. Its a must visit place in the shekhawati region.

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