Jawahar circle jaipur park-Asia’s biggest park circle.

Ready to get surprised if you have a notion about Rajasthan that it doesn’t have greenery.Jawahar circle is one of the talked about places of Jaipur. It is situated between Malviya nagar and Jaipur airport. it’s a park developed by the Jaipur Development Authority.If you observe in Google maps it looks like its design inspiration is taken from Mickey mouse cartoon character from Disney(authors observation).Local people from Jaipur claim that jawahar circle is the biggest park in Asia on a highway traffic circle.





The Entrance Gate of jawahar circle is designed so beautifully that it mesmerizes people on first gaze.There are many concentric tracks and all these tracks are surrounded by the rose gardens. There are also benches for sitting. Every evening  there is also a musical fountain show around 7pm and lasts for approximately 30 minutes. water fountains in sync with the music create a unique and delightful experience. There are also chaat bazaar(fast food) counters here you can have some refreshment. Being a desert state Jawahar Circle has incorporated water recycling for gardening. It’s advisable to wear full sleeves cloths to avoid mosquito or insect bites.There is parking facility also for vehicles.

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