Jaigarh Fort-Largest wheeled canon at Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort is about 10km from the city of Jaipur. jaigarh fort is named after jai Singh 2 who built this fort to protect Ambar fort. It is built on Cheel ka teela(Hill of Eagles).This fort is as rugged as the Ambar fort. Fort is famous for a wheeled canon called “Jaivana” which was made in the fort complex foundry of the jai garh fort and it was then the world’s largest canon on wheels. If we go by road there are two different roads to go to jaigarh fort and Ambar fort. But there is a subterranean passage also which connects Ambar fort to jaigarh fort directly which is about 400 meter above the Ambar fort.


Due to good relations with Mughal ,Jaipur was a strategic military location. In the reign of shahjahan ,jaigarh became one of the largest canon foundries. later these foundries were officially allotted to jai Singh 2 of jaipur. Jai Singh 2 later casted this largest wheeled canon. massive ore and temperature was used to cast such a large piece of canon which testifies the glory of this fort perfectly. Some great panoramic views can be captured at this fort.


The museum is located to the left of the Awami Gate; it has exhibits of photographs of the Royalty of Jaipur. The details of few exhibits are as follows.

Panoramic view from Jaigarh Fort Jaipur

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